Karat Project

for Canal180 CreativeCamp

In Abrantes, Portugal, the sculpture plays a crucial role to people passing by in the town’s most central square.

Its golden geometrical surfaces reflect light onto the surrounding façades of Praça Raimundo José

Soares Mendes. An invasion of changeful light effects is created by the combination of the sun’s changing angel of incidence, the rotation of the irregular solids and the people’s interaction. It results in an unexpected light show that varies the everyday appearance of Abrantes.

Hence, Karat reveilles curiosity, spurs people’s will to intervene with their everyday ambient, that often gets buried in oblivion. 

"I guess I'm in love with this piece of art. Thank you for bringing light in our city!"

− Biitas

Finally Karat gives the opportunity for Abrantes’ citizens to reflect about the origin, their daily lives and future possibilities in the rays of golden light.

 Special thanks to

Fabio Bernabei      Canal180

Gloria Cenni     CreativeCamp

Nazanin Rastan         Francesco Mattioli

Ivo Visani      City of Abrantes

Stefano Fumagalli      Helmut Telefont